WMERR Facility Fund

Our Need

Western Montana Equine Rescue & Rehabilitation was established in January 2008 as a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. Founder Shannon Alexander has been working to save equines in need from her private, five acre property with a ten stall barn. Over the years housing many rescued equines near her own. Tragedy struck a few years ago when a rescue horse carrying the Strangles virus infected Shannon's personal horses. Cherry did not survive and needed to be humanely euthanized.

Considering the risk of further infection and lack of space to help more equines in need has prompted WMERR to look for a new location from which to operate. Options to lease or purchase will be considered. WMERR needs a minimum of five acres to house rescue equines. Ten plus acres with room for turn out is more feasible. East side location in the Bitterroot Valley is WMERR's preference.


Proposed Facility

Ideally, a facility with utilities, barns, run-in sheds, paddocks and fencing in place. Vacant land with utilities installed is also a consideration. Housing for up to twenty equines is desired.

How You Can Help

Gift or lease the property for a tax deductible donation.

Sponsor the Facility Fund

Your monthly donation makes a difference. Help us move to new location with a larger facility to help more equines that need our help. Thank you for your support

Monthly Facility Fund Donation


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